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From Our Homestead to Your Table
Naturally Fresh and Dried Herbal Products

Herb Plants

Our Mission

Our mission at Du-Bee Herbs is to provide fresh and dried herbal

products for all to use in their daily lives. Naturally, grown and produced on our Texas Homestead. Packaged, stored and shipped with reusable, recycled, or compostable materials and containers.


My 2 Sense

In a time when impatience is the new norm, noise is everywhere, and expectations are at unreachable levels. It's no wonder people go to great extremes and expense in search of satisfaction, peace and quiet, flavor, beauty and perfection! Including yours truly. While all along mother nature has consistently shown us a different path! One of giving back(planting a seed back in the ground from which it came). Providing light and water(life sustaining gifts from above). Then we apply quiet patience while mother nature works her magic. Then, if we're fortunate, from the earth comes a living organism! A plant, that can feed us and all living creatures, heal us, clothe us and create beauty! Is that perfection? I think so, and all for the cost of a seed. Join us in creating gardens, and if you can't, enjoy ours!


Dried Herbs

*Our Herbs are what I call a "Rough Cut". Minimal handling, larger pieces so more flavor stays in the leaves. We do not grind the flavor out of the Herbs!  Yes, the result will be some inconsistencies and stems may be in the bag!  This is not your grocery store Herbs!  (Unless they're mine)

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